About Us

About Cascade Valley – A Home for Seniors

Cascade Valley is a family-owned and operated home for the elderly imbibing family values of care, love, and respect. Operating in Grant, Adams, and Lincoln County, we offer you and your loved ones extensive long-term care, 24-hours, seven days a week. Our residents and their families appreciate our professionalism and have done so for 20 years.

At Cascade Valley, we understand that our residents have unique care requirements. To address these preferences, we strive to deliver customized services to match individual needs. When your loved one suddenly needs help but you don’t have the time or opportunity to provide the necessary care, rely on Cascade Valley staff to be there.

A Cascade Valley Adult family home has six bedrooms, six bathrooms with roll-in showers. The property is situated on 1.6 landscaped acres. We have a fenced yard and raised garden beds which allow our residents gardening and relaxing opportunities. Cable and internet in each bedroom and throughout the home entwine a modern element with traditional. At Cascade, we are fully equipped and always ready to meet the needs of our elderly clients.

Forget about staunch packages; we provide you with customized care plans that perfectly fit your budget. Your loved one will receive top-quality care while you don’t break the bank.

Natural & healthy diet

We are capable of adjusting to the particular dietary needs of our clients. Our staff prepares natural home-cooked meals with a strict focus on hygiene. Eating healthy is essential to a good quality of life and we take all measures necessary to ensure the best and fulfilling experience of all clients in our care.

A Place That the Our Elderly Can Call Home


Why to choose Cascade Valley

You’re Entitled to The Best Quality of Care

At Cascade Valley, we strive hard to provide the highest level of comfort and care to the our elderly. Our inclusivity-focused environment helps foster a healthy quality of life through the provision of dozens of indoor and outdoor activities specially designed for our elderly.

Cascade provides acute care services to Elderly

Our Elderly Focused Environment

Cascade Valley provides an our elderly-friendly environment that provides ample opportunities for participation in healthy activities.

Why to choose Cascade Valley

Natural & healthy diets

We provide home cooked meals and are able to adjust dietary needs according to the patient’s requirements. We can adjust dietary needs according to Gluten free, ADA, and Heartsmart.

Cascade provides acute care services to Elderly

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

We provide indoor and outdoor activities to promote quality of life and help maintain active participation of each resident. We also encourage family participation.

Why to choose Cascade Valley

Personalized Care

All senior citizens in our care receive patient-centered care focused on their specific needs, leading to high satisfaction rates.

Cascade provides acute care services to Elderly

Experienced & Certified Professionals

Cascade Valley is run by a BS/RN professional having over 16 years of experience in our elderly care and we are certified for private or  Medicaid patients the rest of the staff are CNA and daily staff are PNA or HCA certified .

Cascade provides great living conditions to seniors

Community Spirit

Our home provides opportunities for community-building and companionship for our elderly.